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Monday, August 29, 2016


Dear friends,

As always, please read my post HERE first on why I choose the ingredients that I do for my child's smoothies so that you'll have a better understanding as to what amazing things they do for the body and how they can aid your child's development.


1/2 cup - Raw Coconut Water (I use Harvest Raw brand which can be found at Kroger in the organic section)
1/4 c - Organic Plain Kefir (found at Fresh Market or Kroger)
1/2 to whole peach sliced (depending on how sweet you want it...I suggest blending 1/2 first then adding if you need to)
1 dry cup - Organic fresh spinach leaves (you don't have to push them into the cup...just enough of a loose pile of leaves to fill it)

Makes about 3/4 cup of finished smoothie

Blend a few minutes so that the spinach becomes nice and smooth in it! Enjoy! And remember...if this doesn't end up being the one for your child, there are more to try! Don't give up!

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