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Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Dear friends,

Who doesn't love pizza? Every kid loves pizza, every's just the way it is. I got super turned on to Joan of Arc brand goat cheese when I was still nursing my daughter, but I was just starting to bring a little dairy back into my diet to see if she could tolerate it. The first thing I did was to make pizza with it. I absolutely LOVED it and haven't gone back from it since! Here's how to do it! It's a wonderful gluten-free and healthy way to feed your family pizza!

You'll need:

~ Sami's Bakery brand Millet & Flax Lavash (flat bread)
You can order straight from Sami's HERE or you can find it a health food store (like The Health Nut)

~ Joan of Arc brand goat cheese (find it at Kroger)

~ Garret Valley Uncured pepperoni OR Plainsville brand turkey pepperoni.
This stuff is amazing....the best pepperoni I've had. And's antibiotic-free, etc!! You can also find it at The Health Nut locally.

~ Muir Glenn Fire Roasted Tomatoes OR Muir Glenn Pizza Sauce if you prefer a sauce to chunky tomato.

~ Andrew & Everett brand Parmesan cheese (find at Kroger)
Find them online HERE!

~ Any other toppings and herbs that you or your child might like!

Heat the oven to 350 F and spread or crumble the goat cheese on FIRST. Then add just a little sauce or tomato on top. Add your herbs or other toppings then end with pepperoni and parmesan. Bake for around 15-20 minutes.

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