Sara's Favorite October Picks!

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Dear friends,

Every 4-6 months, the learning nook get changed. Each time, it's inspired by something our interests evolve. This season is a nature nook. One of our favorite new things is our Nature Treasure box. We are trying to use nature for a little bit of everything this season...containers, brushes, inspiration, education, counting, healing, etc. We found a freshly rubbed off antler from a young deer that circles the globe. 

A large conch shell holds the crayons. 

A lovely aloe plant clears the air of unwanted toxins, needs the responsibility of being cared for, and offers healing juices for burns and cuts if needed. 

I am SO happy that my mom held onto our Golden Guides from when we were kids. I learned many a tree, flower, insect and bird from these (now vintage) books. I'm so happy they have been given a whole new chapter (no pun intended) of life! 

I can hardly wait for autumn to begin and all of the wonderful new discoveries to make, adventures to have and treasures to find!

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